Robotics helping disabled

Robotics helping disabled

Evolution of human raised from monkey to man says the science, now technology has changed the thinking process of man and also evolving technology.

These days the evolution in artificial intelligence and robotics is tremendous. The machine can analyse the gesture, by the movement of person hands eyes etc,. Its growth is so far that its able to sense what a human can think. Here is another innovation in the field of robotics.


Scientists are developing robots with hairy electronic skin that can “feel” its surroundings, an advance that may give people with prosthetic limbs a better sense of touch.


The innovators are interested in integrating the sensor into robotic arms for people with disabilities to give them the capability to feel a complex environment and handle things more easily.

Human skin relies on hair for its sense of touch. To mimic this, researchers built artificial hairs using magnetic cobalt-based microwires.


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